Dominic Eglinton

Registered Osteopath

Dominic Eglinton

Dominic Eglinton, principal Osteopath, has been an Osteopath since 1987. He trained and qualified through the much renowned British School of Osteopathy in London.

Millway Health’s staff are experienced professionals who have been trained to the highest standards, achieving postgraduate qualifications in their chosen specialities. They are fully registered with the relevant governing bodies and many participate in undergraduate and post graduate teaching.



We are now open

We are now open for business as usual with obvious changes:  All practioners will be wearing appropriate PPE, please wait outside until the time of your appointment, you can either ring the doorbell or telephone reception to let us know you are here, your practitioner will come and get you.  We look forward to seeing you all subject to Triage telephone call from your practitioner.  You can now  either telephone or email the practice as usual on 020 8959 1123 for appointments. We are happy to welcome Martine Nates, Acupuncturist.  For all enquiries call Martine: 07773 758868 or email:


To book an appointment please ring either of the following numbers:

1. 020 8959 1123

2. 020 8959 1125

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