Dominic Eglinton

Registered Osteopath

Dominic Eglinton

Dominic Eglinton, principal Osteopath, has been an Osteopath since 1987. He trained and qualified through the much renowned British School of Osteopathy in London.

Millway Health’s staff are experienced professionals who have been trained to the highest standards, achieving postgraduate qualifications in their chosen specialities. They are fully registered with the relevant governing bodies and many participate in undergraduate and post graduate teaching.


Welcome to Millway Centre for Health. We were first established as an Osteopathic clinic in 1962, since then, we offer a wide range of health treatments.

Having a multidisciplinary team approach allows our patients to be treated appropriately with prompt cross speciality referrals and further investigations if necessary. We aim to provide a relaxed and welcoming environment.


To book an appointment please ring either of the following numbers:

1. 020 8959 1123

2. 020 8959 1125

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