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Fiona Aitman

Psychotherapist and Psychodynamic Counsellor

Fiona is an exerienced psychotherapist offering a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space in which to help you understand your emotional struggles and the thoughts and feelings that drive you.

She is psychodynamically trained which means she is able to observe how you relate to her, thereby providing an understanding of how you might relate to others in your life. Her role is to reflect on your behaviour, whilst working with you to help recognise how your own life experiences might be affecting your current situation. Together you then explore the patterns of thoughts which keep you from moving past your fears, anxieties and depressive feelings.

Working extensively with clients with varying degrees of mental health concerns, Fiona specialises in addiction, anger, ADHD, anxiety/depression, and loss, and has a particular interest in working with culturally diverse clients and sexual diversity.

Currently, Fiona runs her private practice from Millway Centre for Health, as well as working part-time within the Counselling and Mental Health team at a London University, supporting students experiencing a variety of emotional concerns. 

Before opening her private practice at Millway, Fiona worked for several years with individuals at Mind in Camden from the Phoenix Wellbeing and Recovery Service, a mental health service set up for adults experiencing distress through hearing voices, visions, unusual beliefs, paranoia, hopelessness and extremes of depressive moods as well as conditions including schizophrenia and personality disorders.

Contact Fiona

07958 344 977

Fiona's Clinic Hours

Available on request

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