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Workstation Assessments

About Workstation Assessments?

A workstation or DSE assessment aims to optimise your workstation setup thereby reducing your risk of developing or exacerbating a Musculo-skeletal problem.

Considering the length time per day the average worker spends desk-working it is often the most relevant factor when considering their pain. 

Increasingly people are working from home as well as from the office therefore a good home workstation setup is just as relevant as the office setup.

Your Company has a legal obligation to ensure your health and safety when desk working whether at home or in the office.

A DSE assessment includes making alterations onsite to your setup, for example:

-Adjusting your chair, showing you different chair setups depending on how you work.

-Altering the configuration, (height, position, placement), of your screens, especially relevant if working with multiple screens. 

-Advice on ergonomic equipment e.g., document holders, ergonomic mouse, split /offset keyboards etc.

-Advice of best working practices to reduce your risk of back problems.

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