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Facials & Healing

About Our Facials & Healing

Our expert facialist and healer, Geraldine, works with award winning seaweed-based skincare brand Repechage. Using the best products and advanced ingredients to bring about the greatest results.


All facials begin with a personalised skin analysis to diagnose any skin concerns you may have. Every step of these facials are a uni-dose preparation only opened and used at the time of the application for accuracy and sanitation.

What takes these treatments to the next level is Geraldine's intuitive ability to connect with clients. Working on a physical level, helping your skin and bringing in the spirituality that allows her to heal the body on so many other levels.


These treatments promote deep relaxation and can help with all skincare concerns, cancer, infertility, panic attacks, insomnia, anxiety, stress & depression & grief.

Coined ‘the spiritual facial’ by Christa D’Souza, Geraldine’s bespoke facials are tailor made to each client, using a range of products and techniques to provide expert skincare and all incorporate spirtual healing to nourish and support the needs of the client.

From Geraldine’s treatments you can be sure to see and feel a visible change with each treatment. 


Repechage Seaweed Facials
Anti-Aging Four layer Facial 
Firming 5 phase Vita Cura Facial
Red-Out Calming Facial 
Bespoke Facials 
Intuitive Massage 
Includes face,neck, shoulders and healing techniques through out the body with Spiritual healing 
Spiritual Healing 

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Our Facial & Holistic Therapist
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