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Samantha Phillips

Menopause Coach & Homeopath

Samantha is a menopause coach and a registered homeopath of 20 years experience working with patients at all life stages from babies to senior years. Her work in each discipline takes in the mind-body connection, together with a life-course approach that joins the dots between life events and their potential impact on physical or emotional wellbeing.


Samantha has an MSc in women’s health and is a published peri-menopause and menopause researcher.  Her work has commented on the generalised lack of menopause education and knowledge across the medical field (apart from a small collective of menopause specialists), where women are feeling unsupported and their menopause needs unmet. Samantha aims to shine a light on various tools to resolve your menopause requirements, enabling women to feel empowered to flourish through their perimenopause and menopause experience.


Whether you feel you have lost your way or are simply getting nowhere with your health goals, Samantha’s confidential and intuitive consultations seek to leave no stone unturned in questioning the root cause of your symptoms. Samantha operates from a non-judgmental position where each case is handled individually and compassionately in order to help you reach your desired health outcome.

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07905 081 108

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