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Menopause Coaching & Homeopathy

Menopause Coaching


Menopause can be a positive experience. No two cases of perimenopause or menopause are the same and so a “one size fits all” approach is not helpful for many. 80% of those with perimenopause/menopause will suffer symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings, brain fog and insomnia. Lesser known symptoms are burned mouth syndrome, restless legs, electric shock sensations, and more. Sadly, most medical professionals are not trained to recognise the many symptoms of menopause leaving most of us feeling helpless. As a menopause coach, Samantha’s aim is to enrich your perimenopause/menopause experience by creating a personal roadmap with you which will empower you to navigate your own menopause experience with knowledge, self awareness, and confidence. 



Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that began over two hundred years ago. It is a little understood discipline and is often labelled ‘nothing more than a placebo’. This begs the question as to how it can be effective with animals and babies, with remedies such as Arnica, Nelson’s homeopathic teething granules, and many more. 


Homeopathy is a gentle form of treatment that aims to look at the root cause of your symptoms.  We do this by adopting a mind-body view that considers life stresses such as shock, job loss, marital stress, grief, bullying, learning needs, poor lifestyle and many more, as possible causes of your health concerns.


There is no one remedy to suit everyone. Samantha offers a highly personalised and individual approach where your health needs are both seen and heard. Following a consultation involving an in-depth enquiry and compassionate understanding, you will receive a bespoke prescription of a homeopathic remedies to suit yours or your family’s needs.

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